Busy Bees, Long Day Care Centre

Busy Bees long day care centre is a new and privately-owned centre. We are excited and committed to provide a high standard of early childhood education. It is our aim to create a home-like environment focusing on child safety, providing a nurturing healthy environment, a sense of community and above all an educational program where all of the children in our care will continually progress in all developmental areas.

Busy Bees recognises that a child’s relationship with his/her family is the most important and long lasting relationship in a child’s life. It is in this regard that we aim not to disrupt this relationship but build upon it by providing your child with a nurturing and educationally rewarding experience. At Busy Bees we hold our early childhood teachers in high regard and as professionals in the industry, their knowledge of theory and early childhood practices will set the pace for your child’s optimum development.

All of our support staff play an integral role in the daily operations of the centre. We recognise their importance and do not label them as just “child care workers”. Rather, to us, we consider our properly trained staff to be “Educators” as they are crucial in administering our curriculum and following the centre’s philosophy and practices as set by our teachers and management. They provide a vital support network to ensure your child’s needs are always met.

Busy Bees is eager and committed in building a great partnership with you and we are truly happy to be welcoming you to our centre. We invite you to take your time to look through our Centre’s policies and procedures, as they are the foundation in our quest to provide a high level of service to you and to your child. We can ensure that our policies and procedures are in accordance with the Education and Care Services National Regulations under the Children (Education and Care Services National Law) Act 2010.

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